Open Letter to the Governor of the Bank of England

This Open Letter to Mervyn King was sent by our Chairman Austin Mitchell MP today, accompanied by relevant enclosures, and illustrating three points:

a) false documents are being used to file bankruptcy
b) wealthy individuals are being bankrupted
c) Bank of England accounts are being used by The Insolvency Service.

All evidence can be viewed here.


9 responses to “Open Letter to the Governor of the Bank of England

  1. A noble attempt Mr. Mitchell – its nice to know there are some MPs listening. However (in my honest opinion) it is quite obvious that Mr King is a major part of this whole scheme of continual public bleeding for private gain, I would not expect any action to come of it.

    Regards John.

  2. 1/BOE is not a nationalised entity in the true sense of the world.
    2/What interest rate does Yunus charge for his loans?

    • Dear David

      I have publicised the Bank of England Nominees here:

      Dr Yunus doesn’t charge interest anywhere, but his various member-owned banks do. Grameen is the equivalent to credit unions. So members decide. But I don’t know the answer to your question.

      • Dear Sabine thanks
        On BOE, in 1945 the Labour Government was bankrupt, having dragged into a war with Hitler financed by neo cons.The rest is history.As we were in debt to the yanks up to our neck including the lend lease arrangements the 1945 Labour could not out right nationalise the BOE.Incidentally the last instalment of this agreement was only settled last year.Our oldest Allies,!! My foot.Professor Chomsky derides the Brits for such an outlandish stupidity.Well the Germans too have forgotten Dresden and are licking up to the yanks, except the Communist Chinese. who have got the yanks licking their boots
        This is anecdotal evidence from very reliable sources.When Bevan and Keynes went to the foreign ministers conference in Washington in 1948, they were informed that if they were to nationalise the BOE, out right compensation to the share holders should be paid in Gold in full.
        Secondly to sign up to the Balfour Declaration.Do not forget the Gold slandered was in effect.This is exactly Charles de Gaulle did to the yanks and nearly emptied Fort Knox.
        Of course the U.K had Gold but it also belonged to other governments and we were in the process of dismantling the colonies, hence could not give away the Gold.So no nationalisation of BOE ever took place in the true sense of the word or practise.
        During Jim Callahan Government two MP were to introduce a Bill calling for the nationalisation, but some of MPs who were to support the motion chickened out.IMF would not have let them get away too.If that was not possible they were to propose the establishment of a People Bank, that too failed.
        As per Grameen Bank/Yonus.The following should be noted, but you should write to him and get his answer.

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  4. Many thanks for this interesting long-term perspective!

    You’ll be interested to learn, David, that one of our collaborators attended a Treasury Select Committee recently where Mervyn King was giving evidence. Afterwards she asked him whether any of the parts of the BoE were privately owned, and he said “that was abolished by the 1946 Act”.

  5. What do you expect him to say.Look at their web site.Every one believed it from 1946 to be the case.Your collaborator has duly done his /her collaboration with the prevailing sentiments.One up on King good luck old boy
    Never mind, soon we will sedated in to the Lisbon Treaty not only to be dictated to by BIS and also by the revamped IMF.
    That will also bring back the death penalty via the back door, so any questions on any sensitive matters will be silenced by a ”super injunction” mother of Parliament becoming superfluous to requirement; and the miscreants will be sent to the Tower to await ones fate

  6. Sabine
    You said
    ”Dr Yunus doesn’t charge interest anywhere, but his various member-owned banks do. Grameen is the equivalent to credit unions. So members decide. But I don’t know the answer to your question”

    Here it is,from a well reasearched web site.
    Making Profits From Poverty
    By Devinder Sharma
    25 November, 2009
    Devinder Sharma Blog
    ”Basix Microfinance is providing small loans at 18-24 per cent interest rate. There are numerous other players, and they all rake in money. Sewa in Gujarat and the Grameen Bank in Bangladesh too thrive on a similarly high rate of interest.
    It is time we put all of them under a scanner. The society cannot turn a blind eye to this organised loot”

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