Grouping Cases to Enforce the Act

The purpose of gathering ‘cases’ of financial exploitation, legal unfairness or judicial injustice is to group them, so that the law can be changed, where necessary, or complied with, as seems mostly the case.

For white collar crime is what we are up against, often well organised:

I am happy to help put summaries together. Look at David Fabb, Paulette Cooper and Danny Beach as samples.

Austin Mitchell MP is looking for six cases for the Public Inquiry into White Collar Crime.

John Hemming MP wants three cases to investigate the Memorandum of Understanding between the Association of Chief Police Officers and the Law Society.

Another target is Home Secretary Teresa May for complaining about the lack of action by the Police.

This template can also be filled in by anybody who feels that they have been oppressed by the banking system.

Please download the form and email it to sabine at

And do scroll down on the right to click on individual cases.


3 responses to “Grouping Cases to Enforce the Act

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    I have had a similar experience. I have been the victim of a faked bankruptcy in order to asset strip my property and possessions. I am attempting to have the wrong put right but I am up against the Britsh justice system which does not appear to be embarrassed one jot by what has happened.

    • Indeed… When criminals rule the world based The Rule of Money and certainly not The Rule of Law – while the judiciary is immune from prosecution.

      PRIVATE PROSECUTIONS seem to be the Achilles heel.

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