12: State Kidnapping

This document may be too shocking for you to read. But it is based on facts and real experiences by real people.

Here is the most important site of Ian Josephs who helps parents whose children were stolen.

And here is In Britain, thousands of children stolen by government – the English story that was published in French by Belgian journalist Florence Bellone on the site of Belgian Radio and TV.

David Icke has published more than eighty articles under State Stealing Children since October 2006.

A related article is Rise in number of children referred to child protection services in Wales.

Since April 2012, I have turned Forced Adoption into Punishment without Crime.

I have also published petitions:

  1. The Secrecy in Family Courts should be lifted NOW!
  2. Abolish Adoptions without Parental Consent which is addressed to the EU Parliament
  3. Return our Stolen Children – addressed at Mr Cameron and the UK Parliament.
  4. Return ‘Whistleblower Kids’ and Abuse Survivors of London School to their Russian family!

48 responses to “12: State Kidnapping

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    We lost our kids to social workers in scotland read below now both children are parted injustice is not the word

    We are writing as we have set up a new support website for families in scotland who have lost their children to social workers care foster care and adoption.
    Our aim is to support the parents and fight for justice also we offer a name and shame area for professionals and the public.
    our website can be found at http://www.parentsinjusticegroupscotland.co.uk or google parents injustice group scotland.

    We want the media and local groups to support us we Have only Just Launched the site and many features are to be added we feel we offer a unique service which currently dont exsist in scotland at present like our english partners down south we will help families get justice name and shame people who have lied and hold them accountable for their actions.

    We would like the media to report on our statement below and highlight this in the news the founder of pigs is a man who lost his children to the care system in scotland but child stealing by the state is happening every day so is cover ups by high profile people we hope your media outlet hasnt been gagged for reporting the truth.

    We are also looking for community groups to share website links with us and families to have their say on our website.

    For the Sake of all children let us have our say please.


    07827731060 +44 uk
    08452249506 + 4 uk

    Our Statement

    We have been created by the need to fight widespread social care injustice and abuse of draconian state power. Children are being ripped from their parents simply because they are considered “unconventional” or even single.
    Just like pigs we rootle under the surface to find those golden nuggets of truth hidden beneath half truths, targets, idealised aims and a “not my decision” culture. In fact, we are the truffle P.I.G.S. of the social care world.
    Our aim is to help and support parents who have lost their children through spurious reasons. Low income, untidy house, learning difficulties, bad diet, disorganised lifestyle or a perceived non cooperation with social services.
    We don’t claim that these are fully acceptable but if the money wasted by the legal and social system was spent helping families with these difficulties there would be no need for their abusive and draconian behaviour.
    The whole system cannot be seen to have made a mistake, so they cover up any dodgy decisions. Everyone has seen how government and bankers squirm out of responsibility for their actions. Even sympathetic solicitors have little chance against this state conspiracy.
    The worst thing about the whole rotten business is that the children pay for the rest of their lives. And it doesn’t stop there. Their children end up suffering too. Three generations affected by inept decision making, it’s beyond criminal.
    So please get in touch however hopeless and battered you feel. We can and will make a difference to you and your children.

    • Sorry to have only acted now by adding your link to http://www.gloriamusa.wordpress.com

      I’ve also added your name to the list of people I’m informing about the Musa drama .

      Thanks for calling a spade a spade on your site!!!



      McKenzie Friend, Musa Family > 20,000 visitors since 23 July 2011 … stolen by Haringey Council: six Nigerian children who want to go Home

      Petitions: Send the Musa Family Back Home to Nigeria – WITH their Children

      … to comply with UN and EU Declarations of Human Rights: > 400 signatures and >2,500 page views

      The Secrecy of Family Courts should be lifted NOW > 700 signatures & 11,000 page views

      … after having heard about too many heart wrenching stories

      Blogger, Victims Unite! > 70,000 visits since August 2010

      … Empowering victims of fraud and white collar crimes

      National Co-ordinator, Forum for Stable Currencies – meetings in Westminster since 1998

      … Advocating Economic Democracy through Freedom from National Debt

      21a Goldhurst Terrace – London NW6 3HB

      T: 020 7328 3701 – M: 07968 039 141

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    • I am taking an onnlie Writing for Children class and appreciated your input in Lesson #6. I recently have decided to dive into my dream. I have some very rough drafts and some poems. I am taking this class so I can take my writing to the next level. Anyway, with a new 5 month old baby things are rather crazy and finding time is difficult but I feel this is the time to get the ball rolling. When I get on a roll and think I’ve created the next best thing I have to then look back and say…oh my…get back to the drawing board! I hope to tighten up my work as a result of this class and taking advantage of additional resources available to me. I will bookmark this site and become more familiar with you and your work. You have provided me with inspiration. Thank you!PS: My mother’s from Tasmania!

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  43. freedomtalkradio20132014

    The Conferences in helping children in the uk and to rescue them from sexual exploitation Forced Adoptions and international child trafficking.

    Andy Peacher
    01444 390270

    The Children around the world are still screaming to be heard.

    The Venue

    New Lanark Mill Hotel Mill No.1

    New Lanark Mills
    South Lanarkshire
    ML11 9DB

    Child Protection @ The Future Of Our Families Conference

    10 AM TO 6PM. May 5th 2016 Lanark Glasgow.

    Scotland’s Polling Day



    Calling all Professionals Care Leavers Survivors of Sexual Abuse
    Parents Of Fostered or adoptive Children and Sra Victims.

    Hi, I am looking for Guest Speakers around the world to be a speaker at the Glasgow conference We would love to meet you all or you can connect via Skype add me freedomtalkradio1.

    This may be the first Global conference Ever Let us all work together in Child Protection parents carers and professionals that’s ever taken place in Scotland and linking up with speakers worldwide.
    Lets Smash the Cover ups in the abuse of children.

    I am arranging another successful conference in the fight to arrange awareness and publicize peoples stories and these important issues around child protection.
    My thanks go out to people who attended previous conferences.

    Would you like to be a guest speaker ? We need professionals who can tell the parents the difficulties in child protection and the role of the professional.

    We need mums and dads who have children taken in to care and also care leavers and children who have been abused now adult survivors please come forward if you have been a victim of satanic ritual abuse please speak out .

    We Are Also Launching Craigs Law .

    Mission Statement:- We believe that vulnerable adults have to be protected from abuse. Following many high profile cases the courts, the police and the social services are finally aware of the hurt that has been inflicted on vulnerable adults and can no longer deny it happens.

    We HAVE to make it mandatory law that Care Service Providers require a MINIMUM of two carers to be on duty particularly during night times to protect both the clients against abuse, and the carers against false accusations or harm from hard to handle clients. Too often carers are unqualified, very young and severely overworked and underpaid. This has to stop. You can help us to do this, simply press the red button above and sign the petition, it will take only 30 seconds and will really make a difference to thousands of people that really have no voice of their own.


    The aims of the conference is to which aims to prevent physical, emotional and sexual abuse and neglect of children by promoting the physical, emotional, and social well-being of children.

    We aim to promote the rights of children as citizens, through multi-disciplinary collaboration, education, campaigning and other appropriate activities and to encourage professional support with the family during child protection enquiries.

    The Other aim is to stop stories like this one and asking those involved in child protection to think before they remove children

    From Thousands of parents point of view who lost children to the social care system.


    1:-The fact is that parents who have committed no crime are losing their children to forced adoption!

    2:-Experts who depend on court appearances for a living, nearly always agree with the local authority.They make predictions that parents just might abuse their children (including newborn babies) in the future ,so these parents lose their children to permanent fostercare or adoption,not for something they have done but for something they might (or might not) do!

    3:-Over 1000 UK children /month are taken into care ,Fosterers are paid an average £400/week per child (birth mothers get around £20/week),and a foster agency founded by social workers getting around £1500/week per child was recently sold for £130million !A real money driven industry !!

    4:-Parents whose children have been taken are gagged and threatened with prison if they protest publicly;At contact parents are gagged again and forbidden to get emotional,to speak any foreign language,or to discuss the case with their children otherwise contact will be stopped.

    5:-More children are taken for emotional abuse than physical and sexual abuse added together.Despite “baby P” the number taken for physical abuse is steadily falling as a percentage of the total number of children taken.

    6:-What are the solutions?

    (a)Impose criminal rules of evidence in family courts so children cannot be taken unless parents are proved to have committed a crime affecting their children. Also parents would be free to obtain a second opinion from an expert of their own choosing.

    (b)Abolish all gagging of parents leaving them free to protest openly if their children are taken, and also to say what they like to them at contact without censorship ! Two very simple changes, two very obvious solutions.,but will anyone impose them and derail the moneytrain? Don’t hold your breath

    (c) The voices of the victims of child abuse are still being ignored.The Scottish and UK Governments.

    We know with the Northern Ireland enquiry survivors are being gagged with no promise of compensation from their government or closure in getting the abusers in court.

    The same is happening with the westminister the Jimmy saville the elm street guest house and Scotland s Shame The Hollie Greig alleged Cover up as well as the sisters of nazzereth house glasgow care home abuse which i have a family member been through
    hell trying to get justice.


    Inquiry into Historical Child Abuse
    Scotland is going to have its first statutory national Inquiry into the historical abuse of children in care in Scotland. The Scottish Government would like to seek your views on a number of important questions, including what the Inquiry’s terms of reference should cover, and what attributes we should look for in a Chair and Panel for the Inquiry. You can do this either by completing this survey, attending an event or writing to us at Survivor.Engagement@scotland.gsi.gov.uk

    England @ Wales

    Saturday, April 23, 2016 from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM (BST)
    London, United Kingdom

    Free Tickets


    Saturday 23RD APRIL 2016
    10:00am until 17:00pm

    356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA
    tel: +44 (0)20 7697 4005

    ‘Children Screaming to be Heard’ was set up to be a voice for abused children. There is no social divide when it comes to child abuse as it happens across all social classes, all ethnic and religious groups and across all geographical areas. The scale and prevalence of these abuses is only just beginning to be understood. We are dedicated to exposing the truth and to bring pressure on the government to improve the child care system so that the voice of the child will finally be heard.

    The voices of the victims of child abuse are still being ignored.The UK Government informed us that Justice Lowell Goddardwill chair the Child Abuse Inquiry over the next five years and has set aside millions of pounds to investigate child abuse since 1970. This is all very laudable but after many false starts, documents deliberately destroyed and lost case files to protect the perpetrators, it’s clear this investigation has become farcical and we have our doubts if the truth will ever be exposed.

    For hundreds of years the most terrible of child abuses have been perpetrated and lay hidden and the abuse continues. While we can’t go back and rewrite history we can at least try to investigate the most recent cases and bring about closure to the victims. The truth will otherwise remain hidden and no child will be safe in the future.

    As usual we have some superb guest speakers and would like to invite submissions from other interested parties to represent the broad spectrum of child protection. If you are a MP, Judge, Barrister, a policy maker, an internet specialist, a Journalist, Teacher, Social Worker, Police Officer, a carer or from a Charity or indeed a victim, we want to hear from you. Please email Maggie Tuttle with your synopsis. http://www.childrenscreamingtobeheard.com

    We want to make this the best conference ever but we need your input. If you have something to say, we want to hear it. Now is your opportunity. We look forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you

    Maggie Tuttle


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